“What’s New Doc?” in GU Cancer

Join us for insightful updates on the forefront of genitourinary (GU) cancer research with our new series, “What’s New Doc?” in GU Cancer. Each week, experts in the field will share comprehensive information and provide fresh perspectives on the latest data, offering valuable insights into GU cancer treatment and research.

Explore a diverse range of cutting-edge communication as we bring you the most recent advancements in GU cancer research. Stay tuned for weekly updates that promise to enhance your understanding of the evolving landscape in GU cancer treatment.

Episode 6: The THOR-2 trial

Prof Emmanuel Seront from UCL Louvain and Prof Vulsteke from Maria Middelares Gent are engaged in a discussion centred on the THOR-2 trial, which investigates targeted therapy for high-risk non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer (HR NMIBC).

In cohort 1 of the study, patients

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Episode 5: The KEYNOTE-B61 study

The regimen which combines lenvatinib with pembrolizumab, has become well-established in medical oncology as a treatment for endometrial cancer. This combination also demonstrated efficacy in clear cell renal cancer, leading to its recent reimbursement in that context due to a

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Episode 4: The CheckMate 901 trial

Prof Vulsteke from Maria Middelares Gent will present the CheckMate901 study, presented at ESMO2023. In this trial, SOC cisplatin chemotherapy was combined with nivolumab for the first-line treatment of metastatic urothelial cell cancer. CheckMate901 marked the first positive trial in

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Episode 3: The SunRISe-1 study

Professor Vulsteke from Maria Middelares Gent will discuss the SunRISE-1 study, presented at ESMO2023. This study is centred on NMIBC, diverging from the typical purview of urologists, as it excludes metastatic urogenital cancer and perioperative conditions.
The SunRISE-1 trial employs

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Episode 2: The CLEAR study, 4-year follow-up data

In the primary analysis of the CLEAR study, the combination of lenvatinib and pembrolizumab (len-pem) demonstrated a statistically significant enhancement in PFS and OS when compared to sunitinib among patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (aRCC). The recently available four-year

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Episode 1: The EV-302/KEYNOTE-A39 study

Professor Vulsteke is a principal investigator in the EV-302 trial, one of the most noteworthy studies presented at ESMO2023. This trial investigates the first-line treatment efficacy of the combined application of enfortumab vedotin (EV) and pembrolizumab (P) compared to the

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