Rewatch the Highlights of the Year 2023

Highlights of the Year 2023 in breast cancer

On Saturday 27 January 2024, the Institute Jules Bordet / HUB and the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO) represented by its Breast Cancer Task Force organised the “Highlights of the Year 203-23” symposia. Various Belgian experts with different specialties presented their selection of congress highlights. You can rewatch the lectures and download the presentations here below.

Session 1:
Biology and genetics of breast cancer

Prof François Duhoux

Session 2:
Innovations in radiotherapy

Prof Yazid Belkacemi

Session 3:
Innovations in surgery

Prof Patrick Neven

Session 4:
Supportive care in breast cancer

Dr Christel Fontaine

Session 5:
Early breast cancer: systemic therapy

Dr Donatienne Taylor

Session 6:
Metastatic breast cancer

Prof Ahmad Hussein Awada

Z1. Researchpark 30, 1731 Zellik, Belgium
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