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The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2023 brings together leading experts in the different fields of cancer from around the world. And, as usual, they gather together in Chicago, USA. The MediMix team is also onsite, and will – together with your Belgian colleagues – keep you posted about the hottest topics as they happen. And, we dive into posters and hot topics with the experts as they are being presented.

Stay tuned, and get ready for an exciting and informative journey!

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The B.J. Kennedy Geriatric Oncology Award

The G-oncoCOACH study

Cindy Kenis, a Nurse Specialist in Geriatric Oncology at the University Hospital of Leuven, presented at ASCO the results of the G-oncoCOACH study during the oral abstract session of the

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Highlights from the Clinical Science Symposium

ASCO 2023 Plenary Session

During the ASCO 2023 plenary session, we had the privilege of communicating four selected abstracts that showcased groundbreaking advancements in oncology research. These abstracts were carefully chosen for their potential to impact clinical practice and patient outcomes.

The ADAURA trial

The plenary session at ASCO saw Prof Roy S. Herbst of the Yale Cancer Center present the overall survival analysis from the ADAURA trial on adjuvant osimertinib for patients with resected EGFR-mutated stage IB-IIIA

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The INDIGO study

Dr. Pierre Frères of CHU de Liège gives his feedback regarding the INDIGO study presented by Prof. Ingo K. Mellinghoff. This study is a phase 3, double-blinded, global, randomized trial comparing vorasidenib to placebo

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The SWOG S1826 study

Dr. Claudio Cerchione provided commentary on the latest SWOG S1826 study presented by Dr. Alex Francisco Herrera of the City of Hope National Medical Center. This study is focused on a randomized comparison between

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The PROSPECT study

Prof Eric Van Cutsem and Prof Deborah Schrag discuss the PROSPECT study. This study is a randomized phase III trial that aims to compare neoadjuvant chemoradiation versus neoadjuvant FOLFOX chemotherapy with selective use of

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Latest daily highlights

Highlight 4 in lung cancer

Dr. Mariana Brandao from the Institut Jules Bordet in Brussels provided insightful commentary on three interesting presentations from the oral abstract session on metastatic non small cell lung cancer.  

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Highlight 4 in GI cancer

During the poster discussion session on colon and anal cancer, Prof Dr Eric Van Cutsem from the University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, offered valuable insights that were informative and relevant.

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Highlight 3 in lung cancer

Professor Benjamin Besse and Dr. Mariana Brandao delve deeper into the results of the CHRYSALIS-2 study, which is a phase 1/1b study that aims to evaluate the efficacy of amivantamabam

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Highlight 4 in gynaecologic cancer

Prof Els Van Nieuwenhuysen discussed the initial efficacy and safety results from ENGOT-ov60/GOG-3052/RAMP 201: a phase 2 study of avutometinib with or without defactinib in recurrent low-grade serous ovarian cancer,

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Highlight 2 in GI cancer

Prof. Dr. Gontran Verset, an expert in digestive oncology from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, shares the latest findings from various studies presented in the poster discussion session on gastric,

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Highlight 4 in breast cancer

Dr. Elisa Agostinetto, medical oncologist at the Institute Jules Bordet in Brussels shares her highlights from the poster discussion session on local/regional/adjuvant treatment for breast cancer.

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Highlight 3 in breast cancer

Prof. François Duhoux from Cliniques Universitaires St Luc in Brussels shares his insights on the most exciting presentations in the oral abstract session on metastatic breast cancer.

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Highlight 3 in GU cancer

Dr. Laure-Anne Teuwen shared her thoughts on some interesting abstracts presented during the poster discussion session on GU cancer, specifically kidney and bladder.

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Highlight 1 in GI cancer

During a recent update on cancer treatment, Prof. Dr. Hans Prenen, a digestive oncologist at the University Hospital of Antwerp, shared the latest data on various studies.

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Highlight 2 in breast cancer

Dr. Laure-Anne Teuwen, medical oncologist at the university hospital of Antwerp highlighted a population-based study evaluating the prognosis and trends in chemotherapy use for patients with stage IA triple-negative breast

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Highlight 2 in lung cancer

Prof. Christophe Dooms from UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven discussed several important studies presented at the conference. One of the studies mentioned was the Phase I LIBELULE Study, which is a

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Highlight 2 in GU cancer

During the presentation of the late-breaking abstract on the PEACE-1 study, Dr. Alberto Bossi, a radiation oncologist at Gustave Roussy in Villejuif, Paris, thoroughly discussed the study’s results.

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Highlight 1 in lung cancer

Dr Kristof Cuppens shares his insights on key presentations of ASCO 2023. Dr. Cuppens has provided us with invaluable commentary on significant studies presented at the conference. 

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Highlight 1 in GU cancer

Prof Bertrand Tombal from Cliniques Universitaires St Luc in Brussels was asked by MediMix to choose noteworthy data from the poster discussion session on prostate cancer.

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