From 9 November till 11 November 2023: HIGHLIGHTS FROM SOIG Annual Meeting 2023

Your direct line with Valencia

SIOG is holding its Annual Conference 2023 in Valencia, Spain, bringing together leading experts in the different fields of geriatric oncology.

Prof Lore Decoster will provide updates on the hottest topics.

Stay tuned, and get ready for an exciting and informative journey!

Daily highlights

Highlight 3

The ASCO guidelines about the evaluation of geriatric patients undergoing chemotherapy have undergone revisions since their initial publication in 2018.

The original guideline comprised four key recommendations:
1. All patients aged

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Highlight 2

Two studies were presented, addressing patient preferences in the context of oncology treatment. Elderly cancer patients often prioritize factors beyond mere survival, such as maintaining independence and alleviating symptoms. This

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Highlight 1

In the G-oncoCOACH study, the impact of intensive patient coaching on individuals undergoing systemic cancer treatment was investigated. This randomized controlled trial enrolled geriatric patients aged over 70 with a

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