Rewatch the Post SABCS 2022

Post SABCS 2022

On Saturday 28 January 2023, the Institute Jules Bordet and the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO) represented by its Breast Cancer Task Force organised The “Best of SABCS® 2022” symposia. Various Belgian experts with different specialties presented their selection of congress highlights. You can rewatch the lectures and download the presentations here below.

Session 1:
The biology of breast cancer

Prof. Christine Desmedt explains the biology of breast cancer.

Session 2:
Innovations in Radiation Therapy

Dr. Alex De Caluwé in a talk on innovation in radiation therapy.

Session 3:
Innovations in Surgery

Dr. Christophe Van Berckelaer dives into the innovations in surgery.

Session 4:
Supportive care in breast cancer

Dr. Eline Naert explains on the supportive care in breast cancer.

Session 5:
Metastatic breast cancer

Dr. Donatienne Taylor elaborates on metastatic Breast Cancer.

Session 6:
Early breast cancer: systemic therapy

Prof. Hans Wildiers illustrates systemic therapy in early breast cancer.


Session 7:
Breast cancer: perspectives

Prof. Ahmad Awada closes the Post SABCS 2022 with some perspectives in breast cancer.

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